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Word, Excel, PDF and Powerpoint templates complete with formulas and layouts. Your one stop Construction Template Store Find the Largest range of construction document templates or forms here!
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Should the FAQ topics not cover your concern then you can also Contact Us for assistance.

Question: Is this Software?

Answer: NO. These are templates like spreadsheets or documents.

We provide templates that may be used in Office Productivity suites like Microsoft Excel, Word or Powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat (Pdf).

Question: How do I get the Templates?

Answer: By downloading the template files after payment was successful. Once you have completed the Clickbank purchase process, two things will happen;
1) You will be taken to a confirmation page that shows the transaction has been approved. Click on the Complete Order button and you will be automatically taken to a secure download page with a Download link where you can click and save your template package.

2) In addition to the above, you will receive an email from Clickbank as confirmation of the successful transaction detailing all the purchase details.

Question: Do I have to open an account to make a purchase?

Answer: NO. Clickbank manages all sales on behalf of Online TemplateStore and requires no membership or lengthy account applications in order to make a purchase. Clickbank is the safest and largest distributor / seller of digital products on the internet and accepts all major credit cards and payments via Paypal.

Question: Do you mail or post a CD?

Answer: No.  The templates are downloaded from this site. 

After you finish the order process, you will receive instant access to a secure download page with a link to your templates purchased. Simply click on the link and save the templates to your computer.

Question: Is my Credit Card transaction secure?

Answer: YES. Paying with Credit Card or with PayPal, your transactions are 100% Secure with Clickbank, whether you are using your credit card or PayPal account. All online transactions are secured by Clickbank via VeriSign Secured and SSL secure incryption.

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Question: Why can't I open the Templates file downloaded?

Answer: The file(s) downloaded is in zip format, which allows us to;

  1. Reduce the file size and speed up downloading. 
  2. Combine multiple files into one download.

In order to open the templates within this file you first have to unzip the contents. (See How do I unzip the Templates?)

Question: How do I unzip the Templates?

Answer: In order to open the templates within a zipped file you first have to unzip the contents.

  • Download Winzip - This is a free utility allows you to unzip the file(s):
  • Double-click on the Zip file. (It should expand / unzip automatically)
  • A file or folder with the same name (without the Zip) should appear.
  • Save / Extract the contents of the Zip file to the desktop (or another location). When you do this, you will be copying the information from the Zip file to the computer. This will be your working copy of the data from the Zip file.
  • Close the Zip file window. You may keep the Zip file or delete it.

Question: How do I know my payment was successful?

Answer: You will instantly receive an email from Clickbank. The Clickbank payment Confirmation email will include your transaction reference, details, product purchased as well as another link in case the first link did not work.

Question: I dowloaded the Templates, but can't find it.

Answer: No Problem - We have this covered!

We usually recommend saving downloaded files to your desktop. This provides easy access to the files until you are ready to store them in a more permanent place on your computer.

Also if your download was interupted (Computer crashed, power failure, etc) this is no problem. Basically, when you completed your credit card transaction a confirmation Email was sent to you. Within this email you will find the transaction number, purchased information as well as another download link to your selected purchase under the VENDOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT section. Simply click the link again and save to your desktop.

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