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Pricing Concrete Formwork and Reinforcing

Pricing these rates can be a complicated exercise.

Price index  

Dayworks in the Construction Industry

Daywork is work for which the contractor is paid on the basis of actual Cost plus an agreed %

However, by using a well designed template for this purpose will not only ensure correct calculation but also clarify the method of construction and restrictions to be considered...| more   Dayworks are bound to come up from time to time since it is impossible working from a Bill of Quantities to cover all eventualities. There two options how Daywork rates can be priced in the bill...| more
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Prolongation Cost Claims - An eye for detail

The strength of any claim lies in the attention to the detailed substantion.


Causes of Lost Productivity

A loss of productivity can be successfully demonstrated and claimed if the causes are clearly identified.

loss of productivity
Once a Contractor has secured an extension of time and relief from liquidated damages, thoughts will quickly turn to recovery of the costs incurred due to the delayed completion date...| more   It is acknowledged within the construction industry that demonstrating a loss of productivity on a project is one of the most difficult heads of claim to properly articulate...| more
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Demonstrating a Loss of Productivity Claim

There are many issues affecting productivity that are potentially outside the control of the contractor.

Loss claim  

Importance of Good Record Keeping

The conclusion has to be that any case is only as good as the evidence in support of it.

There are two industry recognised techniques for demonstrating, to varying degrees, loss of productivity, these being the total cost and the productivity baseline methods, both of ...| more   It is however one thing for a Contractor to demonstrate that a failing of some sort on the part of the Employer has directly caused it to suffer a loss but quite another thing to prove...| more
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