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Construction Method Statement - Guideline

When submitting a tender you will generally be requested to submit with the Tender an Outline Method Statement describing how the Works are to be designed, procured, constructed and completed and it should refer to the technical specification to ascertain the requirements for each element of Works.

Generally within 28 days of the award of a Project the Contractor will be required to submit a General Method Statement describing how each stage of the Project is to be designed, procured, constructed, commissioned and handed over.

A General Method Statement should be supplemented during the duration of the Contract by Detail Method Statements that describe how key works, trades and MEP systems are to be designed, installed and commissioned. In addition to the above all hazardous work activities should be described by the issue of Detail Method Statement.

Method Statements should always be issued to the Engineer for his consent. As a guideline each Method Statement should be structured and prepared in the following format:-

1) Scope of Works

2) Access/Egress

3) Lighting

  • Safety Lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Lighting

4) Plant and Equipment

  • General
  • Plant and Equipment Schedule
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Power
  • Working Platforms

5) Materials

6) Sequence / method of work

7) Programme

8) Risks and Controls

  • Hazards/Risks
  • Control Measures/Permits
  • 3rd Party Protection.
  • Environmental Considerations

9) Technical Information

10) Emergency Arrangements

  • General
  • Fire Precautions
  • Communication

11) Training

12) Supervision

13) Working Hours

14) Housekeeping

15) Other Information

In addition to the foregoing you should amplify the provisions of the Method Statements with layout drawings, site plans, design drawings, sequence drawings, craneage plans and traffic management. Refer to a good method statement template which is part of our Quality Control Package.




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